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Opening and Growing a Successful Patreon

Opening and Growing a Successful Patreon

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Are you a creator? An artist, a hair stylist, a nail stylist, a chef, a metalsmith, a potter, a photographer, a jewelry designer, a stylist? ANY TYPE OF CREATOR is welcomed and can learn. In this detailed course I will teach you how to open and start a Patreon specific for you and your craft. I will walk you through everything from picking a plan, setting up tiers, pricing your work, and give you a detailed 12 month outline for what to post your first year on Patreon. I am taking the stress and guess work out of it it for you so you can boldly step into this new chapter with no questions and no fear! It is time to level up your business and create a unique community centered around your gifts and what you can offer others!

This plan takes work, it is not just something you blink and it is done. You will still have to record tutorials and encourage people to sign up for your Patreon. You will have to cultivate and steward your community. However, I can guarantee you will get your investment back in the first 3 months of opening your Patreon.