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restocks bi-weekly

restocks bi-weekly



Here is where you will find Cotton & Clay Co. policies. If a questions is not answered, please feel free to email me and I will do my best to answer your question!

About my earrings:

*Please know before buying* all my earrings are hand made, from scratch, and with that there might be slight imperfections. I try my absolute best to eliminate bubbles and markings HOWEVER because they are handmade it is impossible to make them blemish free. I will never send out earrings with large imperfections, but I also believe handmade means KNOWING and being proud of the slight imperfections. This is my art, if you like pieces that are different and tell a story then you are in the right place!

Everything is handmade and made in batches. I do my best to get everything shipped out in 5-7 business days due to the volume of orders I get weekly.

All orders will be dropped off to USPS on either Friday or Saturday. PLEASE NOTE that tracking may not update on their end until Monday.

Items that state they’re MADE TO ORDER such as the SECOND CHANCE RESTOCK, please allow 10 business days for your items to be made and shipped out.

These processing times are for getting your items shipped out. From there is normally takes 2-3 business days for USPS to deliver your goodies. If for some reason there has been an issue with USPS please contact them directly as I do not have a part to play in their handling. If you have further questions or concerns please reach out and I will do my best to help, but their mistakes and technicalities are not my responsibility.


Returns for damaged earrings are accepted within 30 days of purchase other damaged returns will be met on a case to case basis. If you are not happy with a purchase, exchanges are accepted within 5 days after receiving your product. With custom pieces no returns are accepted. If you are returning due to damage you can only receive a duplicate of your previous order. Please note we send out returns/exchanges 7 business days after receiving the original pair.

Please email for return address.

Polymer clay is very durable and even bendable HOWEVER  please do not bend your earrings. I understand that accidents do happen so if for some reason you break your earrings please contact me via email. I will review on a case by case basis. No instagram DMs regarding replacements and orders will be accepted. 

email us at toricottonandclayco@gmail.com

*emails with be returned within 1-2 days*